Our Teachers

Our dedicated teachers are a major factor in the success of the PAUL Education Institute. Teachers are drawn to the PAUL Education Institute family because of our comprehensive learning programs and a supportive environment in which everyone is accountable for helping students reach the goal of attending a better future.

PAUL Education Institute | Class 5 to 12 Coaching Center at Habra
Sr. No.NameDesignation
1. Saheli Roy ChowdhuryClass Teacher
2.Lakshmimoyee BanerjeeClass Teacher
3.Piu MondalClass Teacher
4.Baishakhi MazumderClass Teacher
5.Partha Sarathi DasClass Teacher
6.Sharmistha kusariClass Teacher
7.Sourav BiswasClass Teacher
8.Amrita MondalClass Teacher
9.Sunanda BanerjeeClass Teacher
10.Ria Mondal BanikClass Teacher
11.Krishna MondalClass Teacher
12.Udita KunduClass Teacher
13.Sourav PaulClass Teacher
14.Puja BanikClass Teacher
15.Pinak RoyClass Teacher
16.Sudipta BaksiClass Teacher
17.Tanusree DasClass Teacher
18.Sumita ChakrabortyClass Teacher
19.Subhajit KunduClass Teacher
20.Aurobinda sahaClass Teacher
21.Jhuma Saha (Bera)Class Teacher
22.Indrani SahaClass Teacher